Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strawberry Waffles

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. But do we ever eat it all the time? Doubtful. Why? Boring breakfast foods. How do we solve this epidemic of people skiving off the first meal of the day? Strawberry waffles. I know what you're thinking, strawberries again? Well, heck yes strawberries again! How could you not enjoy the juicy sweetness of a strawberry that's perfectly ripe? The answer is you can't...unless you're allergic and for that I am truly sorry.

So I got my mommy a waffle maker for Christmas and yes it has been used before now much to the pleasure of my tummy and that is where this story begins. We were having the classic buttermilk waffles when I thought, "How could I make this better?" With that I perused the fridge and found strawberries. It's a simple recipe that anyone can follow and really only calls for you to have a whisk, bowl and a waffle maker (along with the ingredients obviously).

Strawberry Waffles:
2 cups waffle mix
1 1/2 cup water
2 tbsp of oil

First you pour the waffle mix into the bowl, add the water and oil and whisk away. Like the directions on the bag of waffle mix told me, it's okay if it looks a bit...lumpy. Trust me, it won't affect the taste. Then when your mix very nicely whisked into a gooey substance (also known as batter) cut up however many strawberries you'd like. It's up to you how strawberry-y you would like your waffles. I usually used about five. And when you cut your strawberries don't cut them into tiny, itty-bitty pieces. You want them to have some chunk to them. Quarters should be fine. Add the now cut strawberries to the bowl and lightly whisk them into the batter so you don't kill them.

Mostly likely the batter is now a bit watery due to the juices from the strawberries so add more of the powdery waffle mix. Add just enough so it thickens but isn't too dense - you want fluffy waffles! When you've got it perfect, pour the batter into the designated space in your waffle maker and let it do all the cooking work. When it's done, pull out your strawberry waffles and enjoy! It would probably go great with some strawberry syrup but we were out so I used strawberry jam with mine. It was delicious! And the strawberries in the waffles were like finding the toy surprise inside the Cracker Jack box - a wonderful treat! So go on and dazzle your hunny or kids with a breakfast food that will make them want to take part in this important morning feast.

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  1. I remember Cracker Jack prizes... trust me, fresh strawberries would beat those prizes any day! Strawberry waffles sound absolutely fab... I've never tried them before.


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