Friday, February 11, 2011

Strawberry Glazed Chicken Breast

So I made this a while ago when I was somehow talked into cooking dinner one night. So I Googled the internet for a recipe that called for strawberry jam and chicken. I know what you're thinking, why? Well, I like strawberry jam. So luckily I came across this recipe that was originally intended for raspberries but said I could use strawberries instead. It was brilliant! Especially since it was an easy recipe and the most complicated dish I've previously cooked would be a grilled cheese sandwich. All I had to do was hope that it tasted all right in the end. It did and no one died.

Strawberry Glazed Chicken Breast:
1/2 cup of strawberry jam
2 tbsp of Dijon mustard
2 tbsp of honey
white salt and pepper to taste*
6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries**

In a good sized bowl mix together the strawberry jam, Dijon mustard and honey until it's good and mixed. It'll probably look a little gross but don't worry, it's supposed to look like that. Then when your glaze is mixed brush it onto the chicken breasts that are being grilled. Turn the chicken breasts over around the middle of cooking them so you can get both sides all nice and glazed. Just keep glazing them until the chicken is good and cooked. Then discard the remaining glaze (if there is any) and top the chicken breasts with the fresh strawberries. Then enjoy. For my dinner it went quite well with a green salad and garlic bread, I believe regular french bread would've been delicious as well.

So there you go, the secret to my success. It makes tummies smile.

*I personally didn't use any salt and pepper and it still turned out really good.
** Sadly, it wasn't fresh strawberry season but frozen ones worked pretty well with it. Still quite delicious.


  1. Welcome, Duckie! Your fearlessness in the kitchen will serve you well in life. I'm looking forward to more posts from you! Bring it!

  2. ((swack- on the forehead)) Juhs dohnt fochas hon duh tum han miss hall daht Heawenwee gwory!

  3. It was one of the best chicken dishes I have ever eaten! Sorry to say, when most of us (we had company that night) heard what Duckie was cooking up, we were all a bit apprehensive. Then we took a bite and it got very quiet (and not because people were gagging or anything). Everyone was stunned at the combination of flavors! Everyone exclaimed that she should make it again and soon! Well done Duckie!

  4. Wow...great job there Duckie! A girl after my own heart! Can't wait to try it :o) I think I may start posting some family recipes that Steph and I grew up with...I'm in that sort of mood lately. Glad you're on the team and can't wait to see more posts from you "Duckie"


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