Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chili-Orange Glaze for the Turkey

I'm forever trying new ways to "do" the turkey each Thanksgiving. Some go over very well and others are a lesson in trying to please my Mother or as noted in a song, "You can't please everyone so ya gotta please yourself." I introduced this to the family Thanksgiving of 2000, with success I might add. This recipe from Sunset Magazine is both simple and yummy.
Not being one that enjoys "in the bird stuffing," I like to rub butter all over and under the skin, stuff cavity with halved oranges, apples, onion, etc. instead. Basting occationally with a white wine and melted butter mixture. I glass for the cook and one for the bird...repeat!
If glaze starts to get too dark, loosely wrap dark areas with foil.

Yield: enough to glaze a 12-24 lb turkey.
Serve with a nice sparkling wine.


  1. This sounds so great! it still stuffing if it never sees the inside of the bird? Hmm... always wondered about that...

  2. good question...I've heard it called 'dressing' lately also...who knows?


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