Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Baked Apples

I made this for my BD Breakfast with Mom and Stephanie. It was a rainy, blustery March day and this recipes conjured up cozy, warm, loving feelings of my childhood.

I Used Gala Apples (I wanted sweet but firm apples and they were the biggest and looked the nicest that day).

My oh-so-smart-sister, Stephanie, recommended we core the apples from the bottom and twist off the stem. You can then eat the whole thing!

Added: 1/4c Raisins, 4 chopped Apricots and a small handful of chopped Pecans. Apples still firm but not much syrupy-goodness.

First found this recipe on my sister's wonderful food blog: Make It Bake It Buy It Fake It
She found it on: the kitchn



  1. Looks great! Wish I had been there.

  2. I can vouch for this one... it was way yummy!

  3. Some things I did differently... used the instant date/walnut/raisin oatmeal we had (yummy); used two pears and two apples, (fuji and bartlett). The pears were almost too ripe, but good and done in the 20min. The apples, I like the fuji's, but think I would use Granny's next time. The firmness of the apple requires more baking time than noted in the recipe. Mom says she used to do baked apples in the nuker. Visually, I obviously need to work on my paring knife expertise...cut marks all over the outside of the fruit. The melon baller worked well once you got it started. I made a boo boo by actually making the oatmeal before placing in the fruit, but it turned out fine. We had these for breakfast (without the ice cream etc)...warm and yummy in the tummy! oh...nice to actually make something where I had all the ingredients already! I literally decided to make this this morning and w/in 10min it was in the oven!


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